Greenmail options

Are you walking the sustainability talk?

We offer environmentally friendly communication solutions that will impress your customers, thrill your CFO and make your competitors green with envy.

Today’s environmentally aware consumer wants to do business with organisations that share their values and prove their commitment to the environment.

The most direct and authentic way to demonstrate your organisation’s sustainability values is through your everyday business-as-usual engagement with customers.

What does the way you package and deliver your customer messages say about your commitment to the environment?

  • Do you use only sustainable material (ie certified paper) for your packaging?
  • Are you printing on demand, using paper stocks and ink only as you need them?
  • Are you delivering comms via email that need not be printed and delivered through a postal network

As experts in mail and email we’ve helped many organisations develop sustainable communication solutions that deliver great results without breaking the bank. Here’s how we can help you too:

  • Replace standard plastic film wrap with a more eco-friendly film alternative (EcoPure)
  • Replace the use of plastic film wrap for magazines, newsletters and brochures with paper envelopes.  See the results Forest and Bird achieved with this option
  • Replace polystyrene window envelopes (standard) with Glassine (translucent paper) window envelopes
  • Develop data to template solutions to ensure you only print the documents you need, with no wastage of stock
  • Assess current customer communications and migrate selected workflows to deliver via an email channel. This reduces production costs and the reporting offers valuable insight into customer behaviour.

If you aren’t thinking about sustainability, and your customers and competitors are, that’s a risk.

Take the lead right now and prove that when it comes to doing the right thing by the environment, you’re doing your best to walk the sustainability talk.

Contact us here and let’s get to work.

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