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Your customer data is your greatest asset – and we’ll help you make that asset seriously perform.

Regularly cleansing and preparing your data to ensure accurate and effective marketing communication is one of the best business investments you can make. Our data experts and tools will ensure you maximise the potential of your valuable customer assets and ensure that your postage and other delivery costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Here’s some of the benefits of getting your data reeeeally right:

  • Effective data preparation can work to materially reduce postage costs
  • Data segmentations with changed out messages for different audiences, segments and customers can make a huge difference to campaign performance
  • Extending personalisation to include variable images and offers that change out based on customer preferences enable communications with real relevance and value to your customers, driving better results
  • By profiling your best customers with our big data partner we can identify your best potential customers and help you with customer acquisition programmes
  • Combining data from multiple data sources to create powerful single customer view communications
  • Preference centre solutions to ensure your customers receive the content they want, through the channels they want… and at the frequency and time they want – enabling great customer experiences and legislative compliance.

Great data management can really bring integrated letterbox and inbox campaigns to life.

Our advice!
The results you can achieve by getting your data really right are significant. Better customer engagement for reduced cost. Let’s  chat about the opportunities you have to get your data assets really working hard.
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