Designing high performing lowest cost postal, digital and integrated communications is something we understand well.

We can work alongside your design team providing advice on setting up for mail and email production, or we can take care of the entire design process for you.

No matter the delivery channel, a captivating design will improve readability and results. Our in-house design team are specialists in response driven design for mail, email, and online engagement.

There are several extra factors to consider when designing for personalised communication, that can impact the effectiveness and cost to produce and deliver your campaigns. For example:

  • Allowance in the design for personalised variable paragraph lengths to ensure they don’t negatively alter the overall look of your design
  • Extra-long (or short) first names, full names and addresses in your data can look strange, unless taken into consideration and allowed for in the early design stage
  • Mobile responsive email design will ensure your personalised messages are effective across any device
  • Ensuring the use of colour, image, and text placement on covering letters and envelopes meet postal specifications, preventing any avoidable increase in delivery cost
  • The size (dimensions and weight) of printed inserts and collateral can increase mailing costs. A 5mm reduction in brochure size or a change in stock type could save thousands in postage.

These are just a few of the design aspects that can impact the effectiveness and cost of delivering personalised customer communications.


We can also support your copywriting needs. Whether it’s the writing of full documents, a line of short copy to add punch to a letter, the crafting of a captivating email or some ‘call to action’ advice, our specialist copywriters can help.

Our advice!

Involve us early.  No matter what your project or challenge, or whether you’re working with your own designer or ours, feel free to ask us for advice – the earlier the better. We’re happy to provide feedback on your draft concepts and suggest ways to help improve effectiveness or save on downstream costs to produce and deliver.

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