Postage prices ramp up (yet) again from July 1st. Together we can minimise the impact.

Every now and then, there’ll be an event that we feel warrants an urgent miNewsFLASH. Now is such a time. NZ Postage rates ramp up significantly from 1st July, but there are always actions you can take to minimise their impact – and the sooner you act the better.

July 1 sees NZ Post’s price increases go live.

Yet another significant rise in costs for all organistions using mail to communicate.

Mail is an effective and powerful tool for communicating with your customers, but how do you make sure your postage costs are kept to an absolute minimum?

We offer a range of proven services to reduce your postage costs.

For example, considerable postage savings can be made by splitting your mail across both the DX Mail and New Zealand Post networks. Or maybe by using a postage network wholesaler like NZ Mail? We do this every day for clients.

Each of these networks offer differing discount structures that we understand well and can harness for you – just as we are for our clients today.

Some of the details on how we do this are a little dull – so we won’t go into those right now.

But the results are exciting.

For those of you already enjoying the cost benefits of dual network mailing, we have cost minimising options for you as well.

Chances are that we can reduce your mail production costs – and possibly even reduce costs in other related areas such as GNA and receipt processing.

We’d be happy to have a free and no-obligation chat on all of this – to talk you through our postage-cost-busting services. And we can perform a similarly free and no-obligation assessment of your mail packs and mailing data to show you what additional cost savings are on offer.

Postage costs are NOT something that’s out of your control.

Contact either of Amy or Sue today – details below.

And if your postage relationships are managed by the good people in Procurement, please feel free to pass this on.

Ngā mihi

Auckland – Amy Hills

021 135 3865

Wellington – Sue Darroch

027 445 8470

Countdown to 1st of July

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